A guide to tagging training content

Tagging your content in the training library is super easy to do, and it makes it possible to stay super structured within your organization. Tags make sessions and exercises easy to find amongst all of the drills that exist in the library. This article will give you some tips and tricks when tagging your content.

Start by creating an exercise or session in the library.

Fill in all the exercise details, and then click Next to get to the tagging stage.
You are now in the tagging stage. By clicking in the field, you will see some of the standard tags in the 360Player system. Note that these may vary based on what sport your team is a part of. 

Click on a tag to add it to your exercise/session. If you want to add a special tag that you don't see in the list, simply type it in. You can add as many of your own tags as you want! Don't forget to click on the tag or press enter to add it to the list of tags attached to the exercise.

When finished, click Next then add the exercise/session to the collections that you want to save it in. Finalize the process by clicking Finish.
The exercise/session is now saved, and we can easily find it in the training library, by either searching for the title name, or in this case, the tag

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