How to invite users

360Player is a platform made for organizations, and getting your club or team on board is crucial to having a good experience. In this guide, we will show you how to get users on board, as well as how you can manage the different user roles.

For a fast overview of how to add users to a group, check out this video:

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In this article you will learn:

  1. General tips on adding new members
  2. How to invite users using group code
  3. How to invite a user using email
  4. How to add an existing user to a new group

General tips on adding new members

To get the most out of your experience, depending on the structure of your organization, it may be best for you to invite users in a certain order. We recommend this order when onboarding new people:

Admins -> Staff/Coaches -> Players & Parents

It's easiest for parents to create their child's account at the same time they are creating their own, but if their child already has an account, they can create a parent account and connect to an existing child account

Here are guides on specific steps to get started for each role:

How to invite users using a Group Code

Using a Group Code is the easiest way of adding new members to your group. It allows for other people to simply download the app (or visit, and from there they enter the code, and automatically get access to the group! Here we will show you how to activate the group code for your group:

Navigate to Team Settings. Either from the Menu in mobile, or from the sidebar on desktop.
Make sure the setting  Allow invites is turned ON.

If your team has already created a group code, it will show up right away, otherwise press  Create group code.

This code can be shared with team members. When a new user creates their account they can use this code to connect to the team. If the user already has a 360Player account, they can use the code from the  Team Picker on the top left, and clicking  Join new group.

Note that when someone joins a new group as a staff member, they need to be manually accepted in Team Settings. You will receive a notification when this happens. When someone has joined as Staff, you can convert them to Admin in User Management.

How to invite a user using email

Inviting a user using their email address is a quick and easy way of adding people to the platform. When inviting this way, 360Player sends a signup link to the invited user and they get connected to the team automatically. Here is how you do it:

Navigate to Team Settings

Press Create email invite to manually invite a member to the team.

Enter the email of the new member. Also select as which role you want to add them. Then click Create email invite.

You can add multiple people and send out the invite as a batch to many at a time by repeating step 3. When you are finished, click Send invites. Once sent, an email containing the invite will arrive in the recipients mailbox. Note that sometimes the email will arrive in the Junk folder, depending on the recipients spam filter.

If the person you are sending an invite to already has a 360Player account, they will receive the invite as an in-app notification and not as an email.

How to add an existing user to a group

If you already have people in groups in your organization, you can easily add them to other groups in your structure without having to either use group codes or email invites. Here is how:

In Team Settings, navigate to the Users tab. In there, find the person that you want to add to one or more groups. Click on the three dots to open the options for the user, and then choose Add user to group.

A window will appear with all the groups in the hierarchy of the current group you are in. Simply check the groups that you want your user to enter and click Done. Don't forget to check "Add user as administrator" if you want them to be entered as an admin.

Note that the groups available are the subgroups of the current group you are in. If you are missing any groups in this list, make sure you are active in the top level group of your organization.

Add multiple users to a single group

If you instead want to add multiple users to a single group there is a fast way to do that as well.

In Team Settings from the Organization tab, select the group that you want to add users to.
Search for the users that you want to enter into the group, and select them. You can add multiple users at once. Click Apply to add them to the groups and finish the process.

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