How to configure your team settings (admins)

In this article we will take a look at the key team settings in your organization which can be adjusted inside the platform. 

In this article:

  1. How to invite users to join groups
  2. Customize your organization's appearance (branding)
  3. How to handle users & change roles
  4. Set up your organization & create subgroups

Access team settings

To access the team settings, press the team settings button on the left sidebar menu. On mobile this can be located by first pressing the more button at the bottom of the screen.

1. How to invite users to join groups

To invite users to join groups, you first must have the setting 'allow invites' turned on. Once you turn this setting on, all admins in the group can see a group code in this menu. This code can be used by coaches, staff, and players to locate and join your group when they first sign in to the app. For more information on adding users with a group code, see this article on how to invite users using a group code. If you have the email addresses of the users you would like to invite, you can also send them email invitations!

2. Customize your organization's appearance (branding)

Within the team settings menu (under the general tab) you can adjust your organization's logo and colors. This helps make the experience unique for every group by changing the colors of the entire app! See how to customize team branding for an in depth look at changing your logo and colors.

3. How to handle users and change roles

When in the team settings menu, you can manage users by flipping over to the users tab. Here you can see the users in the group, grant or revoke admin access, and add or remove users from the group. See how to grant admin access for more information on promoting a user to become an administrator.

4. Set up your organization and create subgroups

Within the team settings, you can configure your organization and create groups by pressing the organization tab. From here you can manage users in each group, move groups, and more! See how to create subgroups and set up your organization for more information.

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