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Creating a product category

The 360Player product library is built so you can structure it to the full needs of your organization. We recommend structuring all your products within categories. You can easily create a new category by clicking the New category button. 


Creating products

Once our categories are created, we create our products by clicking the New product button. Follow the instructions and set a category, a title, and a description for the product. 

If we want to track the product among our members, turn on the Show on contacts list option. It will allow us to view the status of payments connected to this product directly in our contacts database.

Product pricing

To each product we can add multiple prices. For example we can multiple recurring prices for different billing cycles. We can let our customers pay a monthly fee of $20, or a yearly price of $220. The levels of pricing and eventual benefits for paying more up front is of course up to you. Recurring prices will generate subscriptions for your customers when purchased. You can also create one time pricing, which means that no subscriptions will be created through those prices.

In our example, we set up two pricing options for our Membership.

You also have the ability to set a standard tax rate for each price. Tax rates are set up in the Taxes tab on the Products page.

Once you have filled in all relevant information and added all pricing options, click Save product to finish the product set up.

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