Create an invoice/subscription

When we have connected to Stripe, created our Contacts database, and set up our products and pricing options, it's time to create some payments! 

You can either select multiple contacts from the contacts-list and use the Actions-button to send an invoice, or click on the New invoice/New subscription buttons on the Invoice/Subscription pages that can be found under Payments in your menu.

Option 1 (from the contact's list with contacts pre-selected):

Option 2 (from the Invoices/subscriptions list):

1. Selecting invoice recipient

The first step of invoicing is to decide who will receive the invoice. We have two options:

  1. Send one invoice to each contact
    This option will send a unique invoice to the billing contact of each assigned user.
  2. Sum up everything and bill one contact
    This option will generate one invoice/subscription for all assigned contacts and send them to one billing contact that we choose in the same step. (Imagine if a sponsor should pay for the kits of 10 players.)

2. Choose contacts

Once we have selected recipient options, we select the contacts that we want to assign products to. These products will be shown on each contact's profile so we know who has purchased what. If we selected option 1 in the recipients step, all invoices created will be sent to each assigned contacts billing contact.

3. Assign products

Now we can select products that we want to add to the invoice/subscription. Clicking Add products allows us to either create a new product or choose one from the library. If we choose a product that has multiple pricing options, we also have to select which pricing option we want to bill. 

If we select a recurring price, 360Player will automatically create a subscription that will continuously bill each assigned contact on the given billing cycle.

4. Invoice and subscription settings

The final step is to set the terms of our invoice/subscription. The general setting allows us to change the due dates of the invoice, as well as send description together with the invoice. If we chose a recurring price, we get a few options to schedule the subscription, set an end date if needed, or add a trial. If we add a trial, the first invoice on the subscription will be sent after the initial trial period. Click Send invoice to finalize the flow once you are ready.

5. Finished!

We have now created our first invoices/subscriptions. They can be found below Payments in your menu. All invoices will be in a Draft stage for one hour before they are automatically finalized and sent, so you have the opportunity to find any errors.

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