Issue a refund

Refunds can be issued in two ways in the 360Player Payment platform.

For starters, only invoices that have been paid are eligible for any refund actions. Depending on how the invoice got paid, you have certain options in terms of refunds.

Issuing a refund with an associated transaction

If your invoice has been paid through a transaction, you will have the Refund option on the invoice.

Click Refund to start the issuing.

Once the Refund has been submitted, it will return the full amount of the paid transaction to your customer, also returning any platform fees associated. Certain transaction charges may still apply, so you might need to have an available balance on your Stripe account.

Note that refunds can not be undone once they have been issued.

Marking an invoice as refunded

If your invoice doesn't have an associated transaction, meaning it has been marked as paid outside of 360Player or Stripe, you will not have the possibility to send any money back to your customer on that invoice. However, if you have refunded the payment outside of the system as well, you have the option to mark the invoice as refunded instead.

Marking an invoice as refunded will change the status of the invoice to Refunded

Note that invoices that have been marked as refunded can not be changed to any other status.

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