Manually assign products

If you want to assign a product to a contact without issuing an invoice or subscription, you have the possibility to do it manually. 

Manually assigning a product can be great when for example someone has purchased a membership outside of the system, and you need to register their purchase.

To assign a product, navigate to Contacts.

You can either:

  • Assign a product in bulk
  • Assign a product to a single contact

Assign in bulk

To assign in bulk, simply mark the contact that you want to assign the product to, click the Actions button, and then select "Assign product"

Select the product that you want to assign.

Then set for how long the assignment should be valid. Upon the end of the set period, the product will expire on the contact. Click on Save to assign the products.

You will now find the assigned product on the contact card:

Assigning to a single contact

When assigning on the single contact card, navigate to a contact and click Actions and select the Assign product action.

Select the product that you want to assign.

Then set the amount of time the assignment should be valid for. Setting the assignment to Forever will mark it as active until it is manually removed. Click Save to finish.

You will now see the product on the contact card:

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