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360Player is packed with hundreds of ready-made drills and sessions suiting coaches at every level. In addition, most coaches add their own content to keep all of their drills and sessions digitally in one place. In this article, we will show you ways of searching the library so that you can always find the exercises and content that you are looking for. 


Navigate to the training library. 


When searching for content in the library, you can search through team content, club content, your own personal content, or content from the community.   


By pressing the filter button you can search for content by category, duration, age, type, and more to display specific content results.


Using the search bar you can search for specific keywords that are used in a piece of content's title or tags. This is oftentimes the fastest way to find a specific drill or session you are looking for.


When you see something you like you can click on it to view it in detail.


When you are viewing an exercise or session, you can save it to a collection by clicking on the Add to button at the bottom.

You can also add content to collections directly from the library by clicking on the three dots icon on a piece of content.

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