How to grant access to new staff members

If you have invited your teammates through Group Codes, then you might notice that staff members don't automatically join the team when they enter, contrary to players. This article will show you where you grant access to new staff members in the group. 

If you want to learn more about using Group Codes, click here.

Steps to accept a new staff member

When an admin tries to join the team, either directly when they create their account, or when they join a group from inside the platform, you will get a notification in your phone app if you have it enabled. 

Within the platform, navigate to Team settings (located in the  Menu on the bottom toolbar on mobile). 

From the general tab you will find the pending staff request. Here you can choose to either accept it or reject it. As soon as you accept, the staff member gets access to the team.

Now that the staff member has joined, you may want to give them admin access as well depending on their role. To convert a staff member to an administrator, see our article on how to change user roles.
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