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The training library is great for curating and sharing your content, as well as creating templates for your sessions to be able to quickly plan a practice. In this article, we want to show you how you can create templates for fast use, that are great to share within your club. Before you read this article, it can be good to have the basics in place. Learn how to create a session here.

Match day + and - system

Many academies all over the world vary their practices in relation to game day. It is important to have different focus areas as well as allowing players to either rest or get into match focus. In this method, the session is named with a + or a - , a + indicating amount of days after a match, and a - indicating amount of days before.

This is an example of how the session templates can be structured: 

Note that this collection named Football Program and Planner is saved in the Team library. This means that all coaches in this team have access to these templates. In addition, the view inside the platform may have changed slightly. To locate the sessions, you may have to scroll down to see them underneath team exercises.

Single session template

Let's have a look at one of the sessions that have been created. We'll choose the Monday session here.

Note at the top that there is a list added for the focus areas in this session. It is good to write down the focus areas so coaches using this template understand what to focus on. One important thing to note within this session template is that it lacks actual exercises. Instead, the practice is divided into six blocks, each with a unique theme and a description of what should be accomplished. This means that when it's time to use this template in an actual practice, the coach can add any type of exercise he/she wants that fits the theme of the overall practice.

Using the session template

Let's plan a practice using this template. First we want to navigate to a training event, and go to the Session tab. Here is a step-by-step on how to use the template:

Click Add from library.
Navigate to the library where you template is. In our case we can find it in the Team library. Choose the template that you want to use. We are using the Monday template here.
The session will now be loaded in. It is still empty since it's supposed to be a template. Click on Edit to start adding exercises to it.
Now we can add exercises to the blocks by clicking the Add exercise button in each block. We find and click on the Line Shooting drill in the library to add it to the session.

Fill in all exercises that you want. It is very fast to fill in all blanks when the overall themes are already decided in the template. Click Save when you are done to finish. The session is now complete!

If you use tags when creating your exercises it is super easy to find content related to each theme.

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